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  1. Upgrading from old version of Gitlab CE

    I've came across an old instance of Gitlab running on CentOS 6.

    The old instance version is 8.10.5 installed using omnibus package. The omnibus package contains Postgres database, which needs to be updated from 9.2.x used in 8.10 release to 9.6.x used in …

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  2. Debian Automated Install

    A few days ago in my part of the talk at GTALUG [1] I mentioned using Debian automated install [2] to quickly bring up fully virtualized systems, as one of possible methods of system deployment or testing Ansible scripts.

    This idea worked so well that I made a youtube video …

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  3. My awesome 15K MEC Run

    These are my experiences from MEC Race Seven that happened on October 20, 2015. I posted this a while ago on EYTR page, now I finally got a couple of photos of it.

    I'm still not sure how that's possible but I ran MEC 15K in 1:09:42.0 …

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